40-ft Climate Controlled Container

Our spacious 40-ft climate controlled units are the perfect solution to safely store a wide variety of products which would benefit from a stable temperature.

Like our refrigerated containers, these units are available for purchase and lease and come standard with an adjustable thermostat to maintain a temperature range from +65°F to +75°F as well as the ability to dehumidify up to 45%. The container interior features stainless steel ceilings, Kemlite FRP walls, aluminum T-grade flooring, and interior LED lighting. Rigid, high quality construction, and double swing doors allow you to load and unload product with the aid of forklifts.

Product Specifications

Unit Length Exterior Length Interior Height Exterior Height Interior Width Exterior Width Interior Door Opening Exterior Door Opening Interior
US 40' 38' 8' 6" 7' 35⁄8" 8' 0" 7' 55⁄8" 7' 61⁄2" 7' 55⁄8"
Metric 12,192 11,582 2,591 2,226 2,438 2,276 2,299 2,276
Unit Tare Weight Payload Gross Weight Cubic Capacity
lb 8,300 59,990 67,200 2,139 cu ft
kg 3,765 27,210 30,480 60.6 cu m
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