• length

    Varying Lengths

    Our refrigerated containers come in two standard sizes of 20-ft and 40-ft lengths We can build other custom sizes to fit your needs.

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  • delivery

    Easy Delivery

    Whether you purchase or rent one of our refrigerated or insulated containers, we will deliver it to your site, thoroughly cleaned and ready to go. Our containers are compatible with fork lifts and pallet jacks.

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  • Mods

    Custom Modifications

    We offer many custom features for your cold box. Modifications include interior lighting, temperature alarms, security alarms, temperature recorders, plastic strip curtains and more.

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  • power

    Electrically Powered

    Our refrigerated units are electrically powered and suitable for outdoor or indoor use. They are cleaner, safer, and quieter than diesel powered refrigeration units, and produce a temperature range of -10°F to 70°F.

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  • Temperature Controlled

    Rest assured that you will always have complete control over the temperature inside your box. Our units can go as low as -10F and as high as 70F. You can also order Multi-temperature, Medium temperature, Low temperature units and Blast Freezers.

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  • Sturdy

    Sturdy Construction

    Our containers are built to stringent ISO Standards for structural strength and durability. All containers feature aluminum T-grade or Flat floors and stainless steel interior wall lining.

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  • mater

    Rentals and Sales

    Cold Storage 2 Go offers equipment sales and short-term or long-term rentals. Choose the length of your lease term or buy your own container.

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Convert your outdoor space or warehouse into refrigerated storage without expensive preparation or disruptive construction. Cold Storage 2 Go specializes in providing, customizing and delivering high quality, electric refrigerated storage containers and insulated containers directly to your site. We create the most versatile and comfortable environment for all your temperature controlled products.