Cold Storage 2 Go has been hard at work designing the ultimate refrigeration unit. Our new, custom designed 20-ft domestic container will include the most sought after features available on the market today.

The new Domestic container refrigeration system is a one-piece unit, which comes factory charged and tested. It is equipped with a hot gas defrost and evaporator section which can provide heat to help maintain critical temperatures (range of -10°F to 50°F).

The entire unit can be installed and removed easily with a forklift . One of the most exciting features it that the domestic container only requires 220 volt, single phase electrical power, making this unit more versatile, economical, reliable and quieter than any unit available today.

Our custom Porticold™ refrigeration unit will be installed in a newly designed 20-ft insulated container with attractive features like easy open doors, interior lighting, remote controls, flat floor, tamperproof security gates, temperature alarm and security alarm capability.

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Product Specifications

Unit Length Exterior Length Interior Height Exterior Height Interior Width Exterior Width Interior Door Opening Exterior Door Opening Interior
US 20' 16' 8" 8' 6" 7' 5" 8' 0" 7' 3" 7' 4" 7' 21⁄2"
Metric 6.058m 5.088m 2.591m 2.270m 2.438m 2.214m 2.2486m 2.200m
Unit Tare Weight Payload Gross Weight Cubic Capacity
lb 6,440 46,470 52,910 901 cu ft
kg 2,920 21,080 24,000 25.6 cu m
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