Container Options

Cold Storage 2 Go offers many types of options for their 10-ft Refrigerated, 20-ft Refrigerated, 40-ft Refrigerated, and Domestic containers. Add a single option or many, to build the perfect container for your purpose.

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Interior Lighting

Interior lights ensure that you can work safely and efficiently in your refrigerated unit at all hours of the day. Light fixtures and switches are securely mounted and installed. We typically install two fixtures per 20-ft container and three fixtures per 40-ft container.

Note: Interior Lights are a standard feature in Domestic Containers.

Dock Height

Container chassis are used for the over-the-road transport of containers and are designed to handle the weight of a fully loaded container. When used in conjunction with our storage application, these sturdy chassis are ideal for transporting the unit to your location, maneuvering into place and backing up to a loading dock for dock height operations. The container and chassis set-up can handle loading and unloading using forklifts or pallet jacks. A king pin lock will serve to secure your equipment from theft. Available on all units.

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Plastic Strip Curtains

Save money on energy expenses, maintain stable temperatures, and create a barrier for dust, drafts, insects and noise by installing plastic strip curtains. Strip curtains trap in cold air and extend product shelf life, while allowing full visibility and easy access for personnel. Ideal for caterers, florists or other high traffic industries. Available on all units.

Insulated Bulkhead w/ Walk-Thru Door

Adding an insulated bulkhead wall to your refrigerated container allows easier access as well as helps to maintain stable temperatures. The lockable swing doors may also be closed for additional security.

USB Temperature Data Logger

Keep track of temperature fluctuations within your container. Our temperature data logger features continuous access to view current and recorded temperatures, dates and times. USB Temperature Data Logger plugs directly into your computer’s USB port and can store over 16,000 readings as well as log data continuously for over one year. The status of the logger is indicated by flashing red, green and amber LEDs. Installation software and a replaceable, long-life lithium battery is supplied. Logging criteria, such as logging rate, high and low temperature alarms, start-time, and degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit can be selected. Data can be downloaded to any computer or device with a USB port and is compatible with Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7.

Roll up Doors

Cold Storage 2 Go offers roll-up doors on our 40-ft Refrigerated Containers. This feature is designed to allow easy operation and access when your refrigerated storage container is mounted on a chassis and used at a loading dock. The roll-up door is compatible with dock seals and ideal when there is limited space to accommodate swing doors. Not available on our 20-ft Refrigerated Container or 20-ft Domestic Container.

Custom Doors

Custom doors provide additional access points to your products and can be installed in place of the double doors or on either side wall. Available in 3-ft, 4f-t, and 5’ft widths.

NSF Approved Shelving

Recognized throughout the world, the NSF Mark symbolizes that a product has gone above and beyond standard Sanitation design, construction, and materials performance. Our NSF Approved Shelving units are built to last and provide organized storage in your Refrigerated Container.

Diesel Generator

Rest assured that your products are always protected regardless of electrical power availability. Our “clip-on” water cooled diesel generator provides continuous electrical power to your refrigerated unit. The generator comes with an integral 78 US gallon (295 liters) fuel tank combined with a diesel engine, generator, battery and all operating controls. Use as a sole power source or as a failsafe device in case of power outages. Available on all units.

Remote Temperature Monitoring

You can enjoy peace of mind with our Remote Temperature Monitoring feature, which allows you to view live temperatures anytime from anywhere as well as activate text/email alerts  in the event your unit is out of range or has lost power.