General Instructions

Preparing For Your Refrigerated Storage Container

1. The surface where the container is to be placed must be stable enough to support the weight of the container. Concrete, asphalt, gravel and crushed concrete all work well.

2. A reasonably level area is desirable. Wooden blocks or railroad ties may be used to level the container.

3. Make sure that there is sufficient access for our delivery truck.

4. Have your electrician check that you have the proper electrical supply available near to where the container will be located.

5. Position the machinery end of the container no less than 5 feet from a wall or other objects that may block the airflow.

Maintaining Your Refrigerated Storage Container

Here are a few easy steps to ensure that your refrigerated storage container gives you years of trouble free operation.

1. It is important to have the correct electrical supply at all times.

2. Designate one person to monitor the unit on a regular basis.

3. Load your product strategically to allow proper air flow throughout the container. Do not stack your products close to the ceiling or doors.

4. Keep the doors closed. When entering the container for an extended period of time, shut the unit off and turn it back on when you are finished.

5. Inspect the refrigeration unit periodically for any area that appears to be oil stained. This can indicate the start of a refrigerant leak.

6. Keep the condenser coil clean, especially during the warmer weather.