Custom Designed Units

Let one of our skilled engineers design a custom unit for instances where you need more than typical modifications. We can build a refrigeration unit to adapt to just about any application. Add shelves, additional doors, build custom sizes among other things.

Listed below are just a few of the types of customizations we can handle. Please contact us directly to find out just what we can build for you.

Multi-Temp Unit

Turn one container into two with our multi-temp units. Cold Storage 2 Go uses a 40-ft container with a standard marine type refrigeration unit and we install an insulated bulkhead with a thermostatically controlled fan to create both frozen and chilled storage compartments. Using either a walk through bulkhead or two walk-in doors on the side of the container, you are ready 2 GO.

Custom Multi-temp Unit

Turn one container into two with our custom multi-temp units. Cold Storage 2 Go will design a container to meet your special needs. Choose the structural modifications such as: walk in doors installed on the sides or at the ends of the container, interior bulkheads, roof or side mounted condenser units and extruded aluminum or flat floors. Continue designing your cooler/freezer with interior lighting, shelving, remote switches, recessed thermometer, temperature alarms, plastic strip curtains and more. Our refrigeration engineers will then specify new refrigeration equipment by Bohn or Trenton Refrigeration to fit your needs. Our refrigeration engineers along with the new equipment manufacturer, will select the right equipment to create both chilled and frozen refrigeration boxes. For further information, call one of our Refrigeration Container Consultants.

Medium or Low Temperature Containers

Let Cold Storage 2 Go design the right refrigerated container for your business. Whether it is our standard size 20-ft, 40-ft container, or a custom size that is just right for you, our containers can be equipped with new commercial refrigeration equipment by Bohn or Trenton Refrigeration. We strive for the utmost in reliability, economy and quiet operation. Our custom units are available for sale or long term lease.

Blast Freezers

Our powerful Blast Freezers are designed around your particular products.  Whether it’s meat, fish, poultry, baked goods, medical or scientific products, our refrigeration technicians along with new equipment manufacturers, will design the container to suit your operation.  Low temperatures are achieved with coil and compressor specifications that deliver your target temperature within the target time.  Cold Storage 2 Go provides the most economical, portable and reliable solutions for your blast freezing needs.  Our custom units are available for sale or long term rent.