Refrigerated Containers

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Refrigerated containers (reefers) are the perfect solution to providing extra refrigerated or freezer storage space. Use them during peak seasons or as an economical way to add chilled or frozen storage capacity without major financial commitments and construction hassles.

Our reefers are built for the toughest environments and will give you years of reliable service. The electrically powered units are cleaner, safer, and quieter than diesel powered refrigeration units. Sturdy factory assembly produces boxes that have maximum thermal efficiency and minimum air leakage. All of our containers are carefully inspected to ensure that you are getting the best equipment for the storage of your perishable products.

Originally manufactured for outdoor use, reefers can just as easily be placed inside your building or warehouse. The containers are transported to your location by our tiltbed trucks and placed on the ground for ease of loading or mounted on a chassis for dock height operations. If you need to move the unit afterwards, you can simply unload your product and unplug the container.


Do you need more than the average client? We can install interior lights, plastic curtains, generators, chassis, roll up doors, temperature alarms, temperature recorders or security alarms to make your unit more efficient and practical for your application.
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Custom Designed Units

Sometimes clients have unique needs that can be met by our custom designs. We offer Blast freezers, Multi-temperature units, Medium and Low Temperature Units, and can build custom sized containers to meet your space requirements.
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